Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to download?

If you are on one of the networks that does not charge you data, then it is free to download from our website.

Will I know if I am being charged Data?

If you live in a country where there are no data charges for using WORLD, you will be get notified if you are about to leave the WORLD app and incur a charge.

Why do I need my data on?

You still need your data on so that you have an internet connection for the app to talk to the rest of the world, but you will not have any data charged to you as long as you are on a mobile network where WORLD services are free. So even if you have no data and no airtime you can still stay in contact with your friends on these networks.

Is the app really data-free on some mobile networks?

The app itself does use data but you will not pay for data if you are on one of the networks where the service is free. The data you use for WORLD services is paid directly by WORLD to these mobile networks so it is free for you to use.

How do you keep the app data free?

Because we believe in growing a community that helps each other, we have secured free data for you, when you use WORLD on some networks. This means that even when you don’t have any data you still have access to your community and to the rest of the world. You will still need to turn on your data but there will be no charge to you for WORLD services.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Our revenue comes from, big business advertisers and other businesses. The bigger the community we build the more chance our financiers will stay invested.

Is WORLD available everywhere in the world?

WORLD is available in all countries, but data for WORLD services is only free in selected countries. The app is small and efficient so in other countries the data costs are kept low.

Which Mobile Networks don’t charge for data to access WORLD services?

Mobile Network Country
MTN Eswatini Eswatini
Eswatini Mobile Eswatini
Celcom Guinea Guinea

Do I need to watch adverts so that the app is free?

WORLD lets you control what you want to see so if you are not interested in the Topics that advertise, you can delete them off your Topic list.

Are links to other websites free?

No. There may be charges if you follow other links, but sending and receiving photos, voice messages and texts are all free all the time if you are on a free network.

Can I advertise on WORLD?

Yes. Anyone can advertise on WORLD. All you need is to create a PUBLIC Topic or Broadcast. If you need help with this or for more information email us on and we will help you understand how to get set up. If you need us to do it for you there may be a small charge, but most of the time, we are happy to explain to you how to do it yourself.

Can I use the app if I have an iPhone?

Because we focus on the Sub-Saharan areas, and there are more people using Android phones, our first commitment is to Android. However, an iPhone version will be coming soon.

Do I need to use my phone number to register with WORLD?

No. You can join WORLD anonymously by simply clicking on the join button. You can also join just using your name. But the more information you add into the app, the easier it is for your friends to connect to you.

How do I add more information about myself?

You can add your phone number in when you first register. You can also add more things about yourself in the WORLD ID tab. Click on Main Menu > Things About Me. Tip: You can add extra things when you click the plus sign. E.g. Title of thing = Religion, Value of thing = Christian

Why should I add more information about myself?

Adding items such as your vehicle registration number or your student number etc will allow people who don’t know you, to connect with you. (For example, to simply tell you that you have left your car lights on)