May – e-Mali becomes the first commercial mobile money service to launch in the WORLD wallet

April – Jabez Christian School in Eswatini becomes the first school to formally utilise WORLD for communication with parents and students

March – Eswatini Mobile SMSC & USSD integration with WORLD

February – OK Foods Eswatini adopts WORLD for all staff communications

January – Second revenue share agreement signed


November – OK Foods co-brands with WORLD in all Eswatini stores

October – WORLD presents at the Eswatini “Heroes in Education” awards

October – Swaziland National Aids Program (SNAP) symposium

August – Eswatini Mobile announces partnership with WORLD

August – First direct integration with a Mobile Money platform

May – WORLD opens an office in South Africa

May – First major retailor to publish digital adverts on WORLD

April – First revenue shares agreement signed

April – WORLD services in Eswatini become free for ALL Citizens

March – WORLD seeks funding for the first time

March – First mobile money payment made using WORLD


December – WORLD’s first release of a Progressive Web App (PWA)

November – Sanlam Trustees International selected as WORLD’s management company

September – WORLD contracts WIM Solutions for software development


August – Movie Zone becomes the first official PUBLIC Broadcast Topic on WORLD

September – Swazi MTN zero rates all WORLD services Eswatini

April – First WORLD event, Swaziboy Music festival

April – First WORLD Citizen in Eswatini joins

March – Enabled WORLD Ltd was incorporated in Mauritius

January – The enabled.WORLD project was formally initiated