WORLD offers a number of services free of charge to Citizens. A Citizen is anyone who has registered with WORLD and has a WORLD ID.


A WORLD ID is a unique user name that enables you to access your WORLD services. “Unique” implies that no other WORLD Citizen has the same WORLD ID. No one but yourself need ever see your WORLD ID.

Fill out all your details when joining WORLD. The more details you add, the easier it is for your friends to find you.

You don’t have to have a password but we advise you do for your security. You should choose a word that is easy to remember. Note that passwords are case sensitive!

Once you have a WORLD ID you will be able to add “Things about me”. Things are pieces of information that you would either like to:
– keep private in a secure environment, or
– share with other people in a convenient and controlled manner.

Personalise your WORLD ID

Things that can be secured or shared are; phone numbers, email addresses, street and postal addresses, identity numbers and documents, biometric information, vehicle registration numbers, account information, etc. Pretty much anything that does not requires masses of storage space can be saved.

For the purpose of authenticating with third party services or for sharing selected information WORLD allows you to create multiple Personas to the out-side world. These Personas are a representation of you in WORLD and appear in the app as bubbles at the top of the screen. You can create as many Personas as you require and you can choose to associate any, or none of your information with these Personas.

The WORLD app enables you to capture identity information required to create a Trusted Identity; id type photo, passport or other identity documents, proof of address, etc.