Our vision is to connect and empower people

By joining WORLD, you become a WORLD citizen. It is our dream to improve the real world for all WORLD citizens by connecting the world to you. Simplifying life with things like Trusted Identity, digital wallet and a job portal.

– To connect the WORLD to people.
– To empower people, both digitally and in the real world, by simplifying life, communication and financial services.
– To build a powerful online community of (50 million) WORLD citizens to attract contributors and associates to develop services that make the WORLD a better place.
– To make the WORLD fun.

WORLD is driven by the experience and values of its Contributors. Contributors are not conventionally rewarded, as contributions are recognised through the award of WORLD tokens called MOE. MOE reflects the “Memory Of Effort” and is a proxy for an individual’s shareholding in Enabled WORLD Ltd. Right now, there’s a lot happening at Enabled WORLD, including Trusted Identity and Geo-spatial chat.

We believe that a powerful connected community of WORLD citizens provides a WORLD of opportunities for Contributors to get involved, and Associates to enhance their services.
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WORLD empowers the connected you